Saturday, July 23, 2016

Three Poems by Angelica Fuse

Winged Poem

I saw a winged
poem today whose
name said he was
but he was no devil
just an arrangement
of friendly whiskey
verses offering opium
to children.

Monkey Business

I am from the tree
dangling, an ensemble
of animal parts, teeth
that rattle, this is my
territory, I beat my animal
chest, bray like an ass,
piss on the floor,
then climb back up to
survey my finer points.


lathe and labyrinth
we drove deep into the night
looking for monsters
forgetting our swords at home
but at least we had our
smart phones so we did not
get too lost
then entered the open mouth
of the cave
[bad idea] now still turning
we are beating hearts
lost in the dark.

Angelica Fuse is an unquiet voice.  She enjoys reading by an imaginary fire.